Why Stott Pilates?

Our instructors have chosen the Stott Pilates method for their certification, because is a contemporary approach to the original exercises created by Joseph Pilates. A team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals have incorporated modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and effective Pilates program.

Why is it different?

Some Pilates programs promote a flat back for many of the exercises. Stott Pilates focuses on restoring the natural curves of the spine, helping to improve muscle imbalances, more efficient movements and posture. As well, there are more preparatory exercises and modifications to cater to many different body types and abilities, making it applicable to everyday life.

What kind of results can I expect from doing STOTT PILATES?

You can expect an increase in strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and body awareness, as well as a decrease in back pain or other general pains.

How long will I have to do the workout before I see results?

The average active person doing 2-3 classes per week should see some results within 10-12 classes. This will vary depending on each individual and other factors such as the number of classes a person takes each week, whether they are private or group classes, whether they participate in other physical activities, and whether they have any existing injuries. It is also important to work with a well trained Certified Instructor.

I have a bad back. Will I be able to do Pilates?

Although you should always consult your physician before starting any fitness routine, a Pilates workout is gentle and controlled with no sudden jarring actions. It is therefore more important that you work with a qualified instructor to ensure that you are doing the movements correctly. An experienced instructor will be able to modify the exercises to accommodate your limitations, continually challenge you within your range and monitor your improvements. If you commit yourself to a consistent workout schedule you will certainly feel results.

Will I get the same results with a mat workout as with a Reformer or equipment workout?

Mat-based workouts are very convenient and can be done anywhere. Adding light equipment and the larger resistance equipment will place more emphasis on your outer limbs and add variety and intensity to your program.

If I'm doing Pilates, should I still do my regular workout?

STOTT PILATES exercise is a musculo-skeletal conditioning program. It's ideal in combination with some kind of cardiovascular exercise (walking, running, aerobics, aqua fitness etc.), and a great complement to your weight training program.

How can STOTT PILATES be different than weight training or other resistance exercise?

Pilates is three-dimensional (i.e. exercises can be performed using all movement planes). Spring resistance more closely resembles muscular contraction. Emphasis is on concentric/eccentric contraction for injury prevention. STOTT PILATES exercise is customizable for special needs In Pilates exercise, emphasis is placed on rebalancing muscles around the joints. Pilates corrects over-training and muscle imbalance that leads to injury. Pilates emphasizes balancing strength with flexibility (for injury prevention and more efficient movement). STOTT PILATES exercise leads to an improvement in posture and body awareness. Weight training and STOTT PILATES can be combined in your fitness program and are a great compliment to each other.

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